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B-Jay Travel, (618-928-3282) has a new trip, "Love Never Dies". This is a continuation of  "Phantom of the Opera" and what has happened to the Phantom over the 10 years since he last saw Christina. If you have not seen "Phantom of the Opera", it is NOT necessary; this is a new story/production.  

Give Carolyn/B-Jay Travel, a call, 618-928-3282, for more details about this trip and to get on the passenger list.  Thanks, Carolyn



NEW, "Love Never Dies", Thurs. Sept. 27, $133, Fox, St. Louis, includes transportation, show, &  gratuity.  The year is 1907, 10 years after his disappearance from the Paris Opera House & the Phantom has escaped to a new life in N. Y. where he lives amongst the screaming joy rides & freak-shows of Coney Island.  All that is missing is his love, Christine, now a world finest soprano & who is struggling in a failing marriage. She is invited by an anonymous promoter to perform at Phantasma, a new attraction on Coney Island. With her husband and son in tow, she journeys to Coney Island, unaware that it is actually "The Phantom" who has arranged her appearance. Christine soon discovers the true identity of her mysterious promoter and that, all is not what it seems. Some of the great songs you'll hear are: "Why Does She Love Me?", "Heaven by the Sea", "Love Never Dies", "Ah, Christine!", etc.      


french.jpg                                    Folks that enjoyed a wonderful trip to French Lick/West Baden were: Kanda Stevens, Pat Wood, Maurena Stoltz, Ailene Seitzinger, Barbara Saul, Margie Bogle, Bonita Shidler, Lee Laughlin, Mike & Sue Maculevics, Carol Anderson, Kirby Hunt, Judy Adams, Kay Tarter, Ronda Gill, Linda Lewis, Carolyn Fiscus, Mary Semple, Shirley Atwood, Cheri Cook, Susie Fisher, Claudia Dickirson, Verna Semple, Leroy & Frances Mitchell, Deloris Atteberry, Gary & Linda Kolb, Zane Hodges, Amy Herman, Edith Greenwood, Linda Hodges, Sheldon & Doris Burgener, Marilyn Harley, Della Deain, Joyce Matheny, Barbara Bromm, Tina Neeley, Cheryl Craig, Tom Vincent, Connie Kuenstler, Vickie Russell, Martha Brown, Wanda Lansbery, Sheree Joiner, Heather Gill, Esther Fear, Cindy Hills, Kara Gill, Carolyn Fasig, Ramona Noblit, Carold Legg, & Director Carolyn McDonald.

soolocks.jpgMackinac Island, MI, June 24-30, $689, double occupancy. SEATS AVAILABLE.  Guided Carriage Ride, Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse,  boat ride through the Soo Locks, Guided Tour of Mackinaw City, MI, etc.  Click on the left of this screen.  Call Carolyn, 618-928-3282, NOW.  Fliers available.   lighhouse.jpghorsesss.jpg

womanonphone.jpgWOWOWOW,  I'm calling Carolyn, 618-928-3282, have her put me on the passenger list ... I want to go to Mackinac Island, MI, June 24-30.



B-Jay Travel travelers that enjoyed a WONDERFUL trip to Hawaii were: Karen Smith, Kanda Stevens, Cheryl Craig, Angie & Jeff Hites, John & Mary Stark, Karol Savittieri, Beverly Keyth, Janet Jones, Gary & Amber Totten, Geolyn McDonald, Flava Bunting, Ida VanVleet, Bernice Hayes, Jenny Phillips, Anne Franklin, Debby Zuber, Suzanne Jordan, Leona Gher, John & Mary Jo Barnard, Joy & Carol Hazel, Jeanne Holdren, Beth Hicks, Tom Perrott, Deona Dugger, Linda Root, Pauline Hixon, Lynn Huff, Holly Huff, Evelyn Pierce, Deloris Atteberry, Mary Laughlin, Teresa Young, Tina Hopson, Marvin & Karen Cole, Marie Garner, Nina Burcham, Angel & Kitty Flores, Norma Norton, Carol Anderson, & Director Carolyn McDonald. Other B-Jay Travel (618-928-3282) travelers will enjoy another trip to the 4 Hawaii islands on Oct. 24-Nov. 5, 2018.  Call NOW for details & to make reservations. 

Okla.jpgB-Jay Travel (618-928-3282) travelers that enjoyed a great trip to the Derby Dinner Theatre recently were:  Jan Crites, June Smith, Wanda Gish, Betty Teague, Sharon Nading, Wanda Lansbery, Esther Fear, Ramona Knoblit, Angela Jackson, Margaret Seibert, Della Deian, Claudia Dickirson, Hazel Thurston, Gene Hays, Tom Vincent, Carold Legg, Linda Lewis, Betty Bryant, Dolores and Sheldon Burgener, Paula Blevins, Pat Cotton, Gayle Inyart, Loretta Maddox, & Director Carolyn McDonald.

UPDATE on our trip...  here is additional information, 

"Four Island Hawaiian" 333Copy.jpg4444-Copy.jpg

click on "Four Island Hawaiian" itinerary the left of this screen.  Re: a 2nd trip to Hawaii:  We ARE going:  Oct. 24-Nov. 5, 2018.   For more information about this trip click on: "Four Island Hawaiian itinerary" on the left of this screen.  And for more details, contact HI.jpgCarolyn,  e-mail,  carolyn@b-jaytravel.com  or call 618-928-3282.   See you  in Hawaii soon!!!!!!   666.jpg555-Copy-Copy.jpg

Thank you for traveling with B-Jay Travel.  Where will our next B-Jay Travel trip take us????

All trips pick up in Flora, Olney, Lawrenceville, & sometimes at other locations.

NOTE: Last minute reservations are some times possible. It is always better to make reservations early, but don't hesitate to call at the last minute. I may have cancellations and can get you on the trip.

For more information about any trip or make a reservation contact Carolyn Bennett-McDonald, 618-928-3282/618-395-1270 or e-mail, Carolyn at   carolyn@b-jaytravel.com 



At our "Presentation of our 2017 Trips" Willie sang for us last year --- and he did again this year!!!! IMG_0501-Copy.JPG


Reservations are available for all of these trips & the others.


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Any question or to make reservations, Contact Carolyn Bennett-McDonald, 618-928-3282/618-395-1270



I am calling Carolyn, B-Jay Travel, 618-928-3282/618-395-1270 or sending an e-mail, carolyn@b-jaytravel.com right NOW!!!!!  I want to KNOW "WHERE " all the B-Jay Travel passengers are going to go to in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!