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Rose Parade/Coastal California
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Day Trips, 2019
FUN pictures from "Holiday Revue" Christmas music
Alaska, 2019
New York City & The Statue of Liberty
Washington DC, Mt. Vernon, Gettysburg
Garden of the Gods, the Royal Gorge & Colorado Springs
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Savannah, Jekyll Island, Beaufort, & Charleston
Branson, MO
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About B-Jay Travel

On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Owner of B-Jay Travel Agency

Carolyn Bennett-McDonald is the owner of B-Jay Travel.  She has been a tour director for several years with other agencies and has enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with Travel Bureaus and passengers.  In being a director of motor coach trips, she provides the passengers with information about their trips, pickups, and their destination.
Carolyn recently had the opportunity to acquire this business and work directly with the passengers.  She is making arrangements for a variety of tours - some lasting a week and others for just a day.  There are opportunities to see shows and entertainment at a variety of locations. 

Booking Information

As with all businesses of this kind, the number of passengers needed to be scheduled for a trip is the main condition. Tours require a set amount of passengers to be booked in order for the Travel Bureau and Agency to meet conditions of the hotels/dinning and cost for the entertainment being obtained. B-Jay Travel Agency has several opportunities for you to see and visit with a variety of entertainment just for you. Carolyn will be very helpful in getting you all the information of currently scheduled trips.

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