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STILL TIME!!!!!!!   YES, THERE IS STILL TIME!!!!!!  To go on the Hawaiian cruise, April 23-20, 2022, with B-Jay Travel folks.  There are 2 inside cabins  available. Call Carolyn, 618-928-3282 NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!!!!!!!  

Hawaii, 2022: We will be going April 23-30, 2022, 8 days. Usually, a HI trip is booked several months before we go.   We will be flying to HI, then board a Norwegian Cruise ship for an 8 day cruise. Cabins available are: Inside cabins $4,039 per person, double occupancy, $5669.00, per person single occupancy, or Balcony cabins $4,669.00 per person, double occupancy, $6939 per person, single occupancy.  These prices includes flight.  I have the fliers so let me know that you need one or more.   Several are making their deposit now?  So-o-o you need to call White Star, 800-437-2323, & let them know you are with the B-Jay Travel group & let them know which cabin you want, inside or balcony.  A Hawaiian flier is pictured below.  I will glad to send a flier to you & anyone who would like to go with us.   Thanks, Carolyn

123-HI.JPG456-HI.JPGHowdy to everyone…  I have received the Hawaii fliers!!!!  Here’s the fliers & the additional information about different topics.  After readying this information…if you have questions contact me, carolyn@b-jaytravel.com or    618-928-3282


I have plenty of fliers for the Hawaii trip & ALL the other trips we have scheduled. 

Thanks, we will keep in touch,

B-Jay Travel


Re: LOTS & LOTS of information regarding our Hawaii trip.    B-Jay Travel,  618-928-3282,  carolyn@b-jaytravel.com 


Re: Hawaii;  Howdy to you folks.  Our Hawaii Cruise fliers have arrived!!! This flier lets us know many details about the cruise, the price, payment information, the itinerary of each island we will be on each day, cabin choice, Inside cabin, 7 of them, or Balcony cabin, 15 of them, and many other things. If you have not cruised before, the Inside cabin is a very nice cabin but doesn't have any windows & the Balcony is bigger & has a nice sliding door with a wonderful view of the scenery, sit out there enjoy your coffee every morning.  When we arrive in HI, we will go directly from the plane to the ship.  Excursions can be booked after you board the ship; there will be several choices.     

Re: payment; When you call to book the trip/your cabin White Star prefer you pay a $250 deposit, check or credit card, at that time, holding the cabin you want. That deposit must be in their office by Oct. 12. They can hold the cabins until then.  Folks will get their money back even if they don’t have insurance as long as they cancel before December 7. 

Re: identification/going to Hawaii;  I went to the Driver’s License office in Feb. & this is what they told me. Going to Hawaii you have to have a “Gold Star” on your driver’s license or a passport, because of going through TSA.  If your driver’s license is NOT expired & you want to get the “Star”, you can do that.  Go to the driver’s license facility anywhere & tell them you need the “Gold Star” on your licenses & they will add it to your driver’s license & you will be sent a new one.  I only paid $5.00 to have it put on.    

Re: Insurance; Basic insurance can be taken out up to 14 days (April 9) before departure.  If you want the “Enhance Plan”, covering preexisting health issues, you will need to take it out within 14 days of paying your 1st deposit.  The $$$ paid for either one of the insurance policies will not be refunded.  If you have a question, call NTA, 800-388-1470.

Re: transportation to St Louis.  On Fri. afternoon, April 22, 2022, I will make arrangements for Bales motorcoach to pick us up in Olney & Flora (and maybe other places) & take us to the hotel, and we will stay overnight there. On Sat. morning the hotel will take us to the plane. When we return the motorcoach will pick us up at the airport and bring us back to our pick-up location. I will not be able to have any price regarding these arrangements until we know the number of folks going and the price of the motorcoach.

Other questions?????  I “might” be able to answer or call White Star, 800-437-2323.    We will stay in touch, Carolyn

If you would like … I can send ALL of the information on this page to you via U.S. mail… OR I will have plenty of fliers for the HI trip, & all the other trips we have planned.