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New Orleans, 2022
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Ralphie-bb-gun.jpgB-Jay Travel has their last trip for 2021… where did the year go??? 

“A Christmas Story”, Wed. Dec. 8, $115, Myers Theatre.  Includes show, lunch, transportation, and gratuity. The musical is based on the movie classic that’s shown at Christmas.  Set in the 40’s in the fictional town of Hohman, IN, the musical follows a 9-year-old Ralphie Parker and his quest for the Holy Grail of Christmas gifts - an official Red Rider carbine-action 200 shot Rifle Model air rifle.”

Come go with us… we pick up in several town!!!!! Call, B-Jay Travel, Carolyn, 618-928-3282.   

We will keep in touch, Carolyn
 B-Jay Travel

Updated November, 16.  HURRY, HURRY, there is still times to go to HAWAII!!!!!   B-Jay Travel, call Carolyn, 618-928-3282.     


Updated November 16!!!!!

Hawaii, 2022:  April 23-30, 20228 days. 

Usually, a HI trip is booked several months before we go.   We will be flying to HI, then board a Norwegian Cruise ship for an 8 day cruise.  Cabins available are: Inside cabins$4,039 per person, double occupancy, $5669, per person single occupancy, or Balcony cabins $4,669 per person, double occupancy, $6939 per person, single occupancy.  These prices include flight. I have a GOOD DEAL a Balcony cabin for the price of the interior cabin!!!!!  Call NOW, 618-928-3282, to get this great deal or go to the website: www.b-jaytravel.com  for more details.Contact B-Jay Travel, Carolyn, 618-928-3282.


Pennsylvania Amishlands/Pittsburg, PA, October 11-15, $749 double occupancy, “Queen Esther” at Sight & Sound Theatre, Pittsburg Tour, Kreider Farms Tour, see 1700 cows being milked, Flight 93 Memorial, etc.


Click on…  Pennsylvania Amishlands & Pittsburgh, on the left of this screen to see more details….  Come go with us….  A few more passengers 

Pennsylvania Amishlands/Pittsburg, PA, October 11-15, $749 double occupancy, “Queen Esther” at Sight & Sound Theatre, Pittsburg Tour, Kreider Farms Tour, see 1700 cows being milked, Flight 93 Memorial, etc.  Come go with us….  A few more passengers ARE REQUIRED for the trip to go.  Check our web page, www.b-jaytravel.com    for more details.  Call Carolyn, 618-928-3282


B-Jay Travel enjoys cruise recently

B-Jay Travel passengers enjoyed a wonderful cruise on the MS & IL Rivers.  A short visit at the orchard; then folks boarded the paddlewheel boat.  They enjoyed their lunch, sitting on the deck, hearing some wonderful music, etc.  Those that enjoyed this wonderful day are:  Eddie & Linda Hurd, Del & Carla Cadwalader, Linda Hughes, Sharon Nading, Kim Dickey, Wanda Lansbery, Barb Bruce, Ramona Noblit, Debra Zurliene, Cindy & Steve Lawson, Linda Carter, Della Deain, Henry Price, Paula Fetherling, Shelby Gillard, Deloris Atteberry, Ruth Williams, Loretta Gill, Billie Jean Primus, Sherry Jungwirth, Shelley Weber, Mary Couts, Don Sokeland, Dennis & Jill Mitchell, Jerry Williamson, Melva Williamson, A. J. Jerge, Amos Reed, Bobbie Brown, Linda Yarbor, Ben & Linda Berry, John & Jeanne Borden, Shelly Gauger, Larry & Rose Abell, Shirley Brink, Linda Root, Deloris Bergfeld, Pat Applebey, Linda Bergfeld, Kay Wren, Karen Drees, Howard Atkison, Jane Ruholl, Anna Mays, Johnny & Donna Travis, Fay & Scott Hedrick. Mary Miller, Heather Henson, Tom Perrott, Deona Dugger, Beth Hicks, Ron & Sandra Hoffman, Mary Miller, Barbara & Dave Wade, Kay Stoltz, Kanda Stevens, Carol Anderson, Kay Tartar, Shirley Atwood, Kathy Slankard, Kim Harrell, Kevin & Jane Harper, Jim & Kathy Michels, Anita Couts, Bob & Virginia Short, Alice Mullinax, Co-Tour Directors Phil & Jan Bennett, & Director Carolyn McDonald.  As folks returned, they were deciding where else they were going with B-Jay Travel, 618-928-3282, another cruise, Oct. 6th,  Pennsylvania Amishlands, enjoy “Queen Esther” at the “Sight & Sound Theatre”, Stop at Amish Craft & Bake shop, Kreider Farms Tour, or somewhere else.  


I was notified by Diamond Tours that the trip to Nova Scotia was postponed and there hasn't been another date scheduled for it yet.  

 I will keep you all informed regarding our 2021 trips.  Check for the updates/new trips on the left of this screen, under "Upcoming B-Jay Travel trips".

I can not wait until we can travel together again.

Take care, Carolyn, B-Jay Travel

Seats available,   I am calling Carolyn, 618-928-3282 right now to make my deposit ($75) so I can go on some of these trips!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


LOTS OF INFORMATION ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN ABOUT TRIPS WITH B-JAY TRAVEL. I am calling Carolyn, 618-928-3282.womantalkingonthephone.jpg

WOWOWOW, I'm calling Carolyn, 618-928-3282, have her put me on the passenger list ... I want to go on some of these trips.  





Thank you for traveling with B-Jay Travel.  Where will our next B-Jay Travel trip take us????

All trips pick up in Flora, Olney, Lawrenceville, & sometimes at other locations.

NOTE: Last minute reservations are some times possible. It is always better to make reservations early, but don't hesitate to call at the last minute. I may have cancellations and can get you on the trip.

For more information about any trip or make a reservation contact Carolyn Bennett-McDonald, 618-928-3282/618-395-1270 or e-mail, Carolyn at   carolyn@b-jaytravel.com 



At our "Presentation of our 2021 Trips" WE WILL HAVE A CHOICE OF MANY 2021  TRIPS. IMG_0501-Copy.JPG


Reservations are available for all of these trips & the others.


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I am calling Carolyn, B-Jay Travel, 618-928-3282/618-395-1270 or sending an e-mail, carolyn@b-jaytravel.com right NOW!!!!!  I want to KNOW "WHERE " all the B-Jay Travel passengers are going to go to in 2020!!!!!!!!!!!